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What we do

At CFO Level

At CFO Level

  Financial Management and Strategy
  Financial Modeling
  Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
  Profit Improvement Planning
  Tax Management
  Investor Relations
  Preparing to Buy a business (M&A)
  Preparing to Sell your Business (exit)

At controller level

At Controller Level

  Accounting Operations
  Financial Statement
  Audit Coordination
  Compliance Monitoring (Tax and Legal)
  Credit Management
  Account Payables and Receivables
  Financial Management Systems
  Critical Providers Coordination

At treasurer level

At Treasurer Level

  Cash Flow Forecasting
  Rise Capital (Debt or Equity)
  Financial Institution Management
  Risk Management
  Investment Management

At Information Systems Level

At Information Systems Level

• Design and Implement Virtual Controller Platform
• Asses, Plan and Monitor Information Systems
• Design and Implement Processes and Procedures
• Design and Implement Private Intranets
• Design and Implement BPMs (Business Process Management)

• Design and Implement BAMs (Business Activity Management)

• Develop Add-On applications to complement ERP-systems.
• Design and Implement Automation and Digitalization
• Implement Information Governance Policies

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